The Magical Universe AND The Everything Nothing: Act 1 Physical Copy Now Available!


Fall 2012.

The Everything Nothing: Act 1 Limited Edition hard copies now available!

I was watching a video on Super String Theory last week, when I heard the news that a new Planet with Four Suns was discovered 5000 light years away (link below).  It dawned on me how fascinating the universe is, and how interesting it is, that as human beings grow past childhood we obsess over being able to prove ourselves.  From science to religion to our individual sensory perception, we endlessly wrestle to prove that our view is the right one because it is what WE know and experience: be it with our eyes, our ears, our minds, or our souls.

It seems to me that time and time again, we continue to discover things that once were invisible and impossible..  I think magic is to surrender to the unknown and to be open to surprise;  to look at the universe and know that at that very moment, you and everything in it is changing;  to lock eyes with the one you love, thinking “how familiar”, while we are constantly adapting and regenerating into new beings….  When we shift our perspective, we realize that everything is always changing, is always new, and always full of mystery and magic.  What would life be like if we tried to live every day with the pure sight of a child: present to magic, expecting surprises, full of limitless abundance and possibilities?


In other worldly news:  We now have a Limited Edition hard copy of “The Everything Nothing: Act 1” in hand and available to order.  As you know, the EP is an introduction to the song cycle of the full length record, which will release in Spring 2013. 

The first 250 Limited Edition copies sold online will be signed and numbered. 

Order them here:


If you are in Los Angeles and you buy your copy online in advance, you will be put on the list for a complimentary admission to the performance on Friday.  Here are the details:

Friday Oct 26, 2012.  10pm.
@ Witzend (1717 Lincoln Boulevard  Los Angeles, CA 90291)


TIME OUT says…. IAMEVE live at Mercury Lounge Aug 6th


Venture Mag “IAMEVE is certainly one to watch this year.”


Venture Mag says

"IAMEVE has recently released her second single “Another Day” which can be streamed from her bandcamp page.

After the success of her first single, “Throw Me A Line” most would think it would be difficult to produce another impressive track of the same standard. However “Another Day” is a whirlwind of explosive sounds, gentle keys and power-stricken vocals. An exemplary track that oozes emotions through the simple yet sophisticated lyrics and soothing melody.

IAMEVE is certainly one to watch this year.”


From the soundtrack of Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters and Described by The Huffington Post as “if Alice took Ziggy Stardust’s hand and followed him down the rabbit hole to a world guided by the twists and turns of ethereal and colorful vocals”

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